The Instructors

Erin Munter

Fabrication, Welding

Erin is currently a seasoned metal fabricator using her MIG welding, plasma cutting and basic fabrication skill-set to create unique custom table bases for Coyote Wood Shop on Bainbridge Island.

Ray Hammar

Fabrication, Welding

Artist Ray Hammar’s functional pieces are made from reclaimed and recycled materials. Hammar sources materials from all over the Pacific Northwest as part of his quest to encourage people to buy handmade American pieces. His “buy local” pieces range from tables to ladders, to sheerly ornamental chandeliers, all made from industrial scraps.

Jeremy Loerch

Fabrication, Metalworking, Welding

Jeremy Loerch is a successful small business owner of Monkey Wrench Fabrication studio, focused on original pieces made from all types of metal. Expertise includes teaching and curriculum development for youth, as well as adult programming.

Kevin Mills

Fabrication, Plastic Forming, Play Engineering, Welding, Woodworking

Kevin Mills is an industrial designer and has been designing and building specialty furnishings and functional art for 25+ years. The former Director of Exhibit Design at the Children’s Museum of Tucson, he’s passionate about tinkering as a form of hands-on, play-based learning and he specializes in finding “unlikely uses for improbable materials.”